Running Gait Analysis and Correction

Coach Diaz approaches Running Gait and correction as a fundamental, preliminary necessity to athletic performance.  He has often preached…


“If you can’t run well, you have no business trying to run faster, to do so is a one way ticket on a hell bound train”.


You will get injured, it is just a matter of time.  There are far to many athletes who suffer from injuries that are directly associated with improper running mechanics. Once injured, often times under the guidance of a well meaning physical therapist, exercises are prescribed to correct muscular imbalance and instability.  These exercises may in fact help to strengthen weak regions such as the glutes or core musculature, however, a return to running with faulty gait patterns will only cause the injuries to surface once again.


Diaz’s focus is to identify the flaws in running gait, point them out along with the potential hazards then set about teaching the corrections.  The success of our running gait program is so effective that Coach Diaz’s acclaim has grown worldwide.  Now he travels around the world putting on clinics hosted by athletes that are eager for the opportunity to gain exposure to his personal guidance.  If you love to compete in running related events, have suffered from nagging injuries or lack luster performance, here is the place to set things right.

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