Running Gait Analysis is a great way to avoid injury

If you are experiencing foot, ankle, shin, knee IT band, hamstring, hip or back pain in most cases these issues are a result of poor running mechanics. Fortunately, many of these issues can be resolved quickly by first:

• Identification of the problem via video gait analysis

• Proper running form education

• Proper exercise prescription


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1. A shoe should not be relied upon to provide: Motion control, Stability or Cushioning. These responsibilities belong to your feet!

2. The weight of the shoe is important to performance but the lighter the shoe the sooner you’ll need to replace it.

3. If a salesman tries to up-sell you on insoles for comfort, you are buying and uncomfortable shoe.  Don’t do it.

4. A Running shoe salesman is not a bio-mechanist. What they know about gait is only what they were taught to sell shoes.  (See the first comment on the list)

5. A more expensive shoe is not always a better shoe for you. A more comfortable shoe is.

6. Avoid shoes that alter your posture.  A  running shoe with a heel to toe angle that is too great.


Learning to run properly is the most effective way to avoid injury, improve performance and ultimately make running shoe selection a no-brainer.

The Truth about Running Shoe Selection and Running Gait:

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Because we are all unique, there is no one solution that serves all. We begin with a video  running gait analysis to determine the root cause of injuries or defects that inhibit performance and begin the process of correcting these flaws so that our clients can return to running healthy while running with the skill acquired from our sessions.


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