No aspiring athlete should be left to his or her own designs. Having the advantage of a highly experienced coach and clinician to write your program, follow your progress, decipher the cause and effect of your training outcomes and help you develop strategies for upcoming races is priceless.


Coach Diaz brings over 20 years of experience to the table for each workout you do, custom tailored and monitored by him personally.


This is no cookie cutter, one size fits all process. If you are looking for a professional coach to guide you, this is your opportunity.

#2   It doesn't get more comprehensive than this!  Month after month, your body and your efforts build a narrative that with professional support will lead you to the most effective outcome possible.

#1   Highly customized weekly workouts based on the data gathering process. Your training program mirrors your ability with progress in mind, every step you take.

#4 The virtual video gait analysis provides assurance that your running form is as precise and efficient as possible. This leads to less injuries, economy and faster sustainable paces.

#3   This screen shot is from an actual clients ultra race course in Africa.  We were able to provide very specific training based on the elevation gains and distance she had to travel.  The outcome? A personal best and podium finish.